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AIS Program Details:Introduction the Curriculum Edge Programs from Engineering’s Curriculum Edge Courses are taught at AIS Center and Cover Key Technologies like MS OFFICE AUTOMATION, C,C++,JAVA,ADVANCED JAVA(J2EE),DOTNET, PYTHON,TALLY ERP9,TALLY LEVEL-1.
Exam code: CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate

Certification in C Programming


  • Introduction,History,Overview.
  • Compile &Run,Examine each line of code.
  • DataTypeConstants,Declarations,Operators And Enums.
  • Decision Making,Looping,Control Flow.
  • Array,StringIntroduction,Function,String Function.
  • Recursion in c,Pointers,Structure.
  • Union,File Input/Output,Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • C Pre-Processor,Commend Line Arguments.
Exam code:CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer

Certification in C++Programming


  • Appreciate the Object-OrientedApproach,History of C++.
  • Programming Basics and Overview.
  • Flow Control.
  • Working with Pointer,Memory Management.
  • Array,Strings,Handling Exceptions.
  • OOPS Basics What is Object,classes,Function.
  • OOPS Programming,Abstract,Interface,polymorphism.
  • Implement Function Prototypes,Aruguments.
  • Function Overloading and Virtual Function in C++.
  • Files Input and Output.
Exam code: Oracle Certified Professional,Java SE8 Programmer 1Z0-808

Certification in Java SE8

  • Introduction to Java programming
  • Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects
  • Types operators,strings,strings operations, If else, Logical operators, Loop Operators for, while and Do while.
  • Implement Arrays, Array copy and For each loop.
  • Encapsulation and subclassing,using of this and super keyword.
  • Polymorphism,Overloading and overriding.virtual method invocation.casting object references.
  • Implement collection framework, Implement array list,link&list,stack,map.Iterators for looping through collection Static import and static keyword,final keyword and enumeration.
  • Inheritance, Switch statements. Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally constructs
  • The Object class Working with types: Wrapper classes Packages, Applets Basics of AWT and Swing Threads,
  • The I/O Package Manipulate files, directories and file system.
  • Database connectivity with JDBC.
Certification Exam: Oracle Certified,J2EE 1Z0-900

Certification in Advanced Java(J2EE)


  • Introduction J2EE,J2EEPlatform,Architecture.
  • Developing J2EE Application.
  • Java Database Connectivity,OpenDataBase Connectivity.
  • Servlets,Introduction to servlets.
  • Implementation.
  • Tomcat Documentation,JSP Java Server page.
  • JSP Basics &Architecture,JSP Application Design.
  • Remote Method Invocation,Serialization Classes.
  • Remote Interface,Enterprise Java Bean.
  • Java Transaction API,Introduction.
  • Distributed Transaction Process and manager.
  • Naming and Directory service Overview.
  • Java Mail,Implementation of System.
  • Sending and Reading Message With Java Mail.
  • Introduction to Framework.
  • Configuration.
  • XML Syntax & Parsing.

Certification Exam:

PCED Certified Entry Level Python Programmer code: PCEP-30-01
PCAP Certified Associate in Python Programming Code: PCAP-31-02
PCPP-Certified Professional in python programming Code: PCPP-32-101

Python Programming

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Data Types
  • Python Program Flow Control
  • Python Functions, Modules and Packages
  • Python String, List and Dictionary Manipulations
  • Python File Operation
  • Python Object Oriented Programming - Oops
  • Python Regular Expression
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Database Interaction
  • Python Multithreading
  • Contacting User Through Emails Using Python
  • Python CGI Introduction

Python With Data

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Basics
  • Python Packages
  • Importing data
  • Manipulating Data
  • Statistics Basics
  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Other Machine Learning algorithm
Exam MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office

  • Computer - Definition, History, Generations etc.
  • Data Processing, Data vs.
  • Information Types of Software Applications and its Users
  • Definition of Hardware CPU, Input & Output Unit
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016
  • Working with Documents and the Keyboard
  • Navigating Through a Word Document
  • Basic Text Editing,Text Formatting,Paragraph FormattingTables
MS Excel
  • Introduction to MS Excel 2016
  • Navigating Excel 2016
  • Worksheets and Workbooks Formatting Data and Cells
  • Editing Cells, Rows, Columns, and Worksheets
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Creating Data Lists
  • Managing Data Protecting, Saving, and Sharing Workbooks.
MS- PowerPoint
  • Introduction to PowerPoint 2016
  • Applying Themes and Layouts to Slides
  • Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text
  • Working in Outline View
  • Inserting Pictures, Graphics, Shapes, and Other Things
  • Adding Sound and Video
  • Master Slides Saving, Sharing, and Exporting Presentations
  • Web Browsers, Connecting to Internet
  • Surfing, Searching the Net
  • Emailing: Send, Receive, Attach Files, Security Features
  • Chatting, Downloading, Torrents, Web Radio
  • Social Networking
  • e-Shopping & Auction online
Certification Exam: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Application 70-486


    • Introduction to ASP.NET,Web application Introduction.
    • HTML and JavaScript, Traditional ASP Basics
    • ASP.NET Introduction & Controls, ASP.NET Architecture
    • CSS & Themes, Redirecting User to Another Page
    • Master Pages, Working with User Control
    • Validation Controls
    • ASP.NET State Management, WebConfiguration File and Global.asax
    • Authentication & Authorization, Application Service Providers
    • Data Bound Controls, Web Caching
    • Globalization and Localization AJAX.NET,
    • Routing Understanding & Publishing Web Application
Certification Code: Programming in Microsoft C#-Exam Code 70-483

Certification in C#

  • MS.NET Framework Introduction
  • VS.NET and Entry Point Method –Main
  • C # Language Syntax
  • OOPs-Concept OOPs-Programming Encapsulation
  • OOPs-Inheritance, Interface & Polymorphism
  • Collections and Generics
  • Assemblies and GAC, Exception Handling, IO Streams Unsafe Code
  • Reflection and Attributes More on Classes
  • Developing GUI Application Using WINFORMS
  • Database Programming Using ADO.NET
  • Managing Data using DataSet
  • N-Tier Layered Architecture Application
  • XML, Windows Services, Delegates & Events
  • User Control and Custom Control
  • User Control and Custom Control,
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Debugging and Diagnostics
Certification Exam: Zend Certified PHP Engineer Exam

Certification in php

  • Introduction
  • PHP Language Fundamental
  • HTML, CSS, Java Script Forms,
  • Form Processing File Handling,
  • Encryption Mechanism
  • MySQL Database, PHP – Database Application
  • Session Management, PHP – AJAX Application
  • PHP OOPS, String, MySQLI and PHP Data objects
  • Cake PHP, Bootstrap, Angular JS
Certification Exam: Programming in HTML,CSS with JAVAScript 070-480

Certification in Web Designing

  • HTML -Introduction, Elements, Tags.
  • Semantic Elements,FormElements,From Input Types,Attributes.
  • Media Elements,canvas
  • Introduction in CSS
  • CSS Styling,CSS Box Model
  • Borders,Backgrounds, Text Effects
  • Text, Fonts, Transitions
  • Multiple Columns
  • Introduction Of JavaScript Operators, Conditional Statement
  • Looping Statement Function & Object, Method,
  • Event Type Overview Retrieving Page Content,
  • Manipulating Page Content
  • jQuery Animations and Effects Putting It All Together
Certification Exam: Android Certified Application Developer Exam Code: AND-801

Certification in Android Platform

  • Introduction To Mobile Apps
  • Introduction Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Deep Overview in Android Stack
  • Installing Android Machine
  • Creating First Android Application
  • Android Components
  • Hello World App
  • Building UI with Activities
  • Advanced UI
  • Notifications, Multithreading
  • Styles and Themes, Resources and Assets
  • Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers,Receiving System Broadcast
  • Data Storage,Services, Multimedia in Android
  • Location Based Services and Google Maps
  • Web Services and WebView
  • Sensors, WiFi, Camera, Bluetooth,More
  • Android Application Deployment
  • ANGULAR JS Syllabus

    1. Introduction to AngularJS.
    2. AngularJS Expressions: Numbers, Strings, Objects, Arrays, Expressions using {{ }} and ng-bind.
    3. Modules: Creating a module, adding a controller & directive, myApp.js, myCtrl.js, Loading library.
    4. Directives: Data Binding, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app & ng-model directives, custom directives.
    5. Model: 2 way binding, Validating User Input, Status, ng-empty, ng-touched, ng-valid, ng-pending.
    6. Data Binding: Synchronization between model and view.
    7. AngularJS Controllers: ng-controller, Controller Methods, External Files.
    8. Scope: $scope, understanding the scope, $rootScope.
    9. Filters: Adding filters to directives, Currency filter, Array filter, Custom filters.
    10. Services: Built-in & Own service, $http, $timeout, $interval, Custom service.
    11. AngularJs $http: Methods, get(), post(), Properties, .config, .data, JSON format.
    12. Tables: Working with Tables, $index, $even & $odd.
    13. Select: Creating dropdown lists, ng-options and ng-repeat, Objects.
    14. AngularJS SQL: Fetching Data, Cross site HTTP Requests, Server Code.
    15. DOM: ng-disabled directive, ng-show directive, nd-hide directive.
    16. Events: Working with events, Mouse events, ng-click, Toggle, $event object.
    17. Forms: Working with Forms, Checkbox, Radiobuttons, Select, formCtrl, reset().
    18. Form Validation: Client side form validation, Form state & Input state, Custom validations.
    19. AngularJS API: Comparing objects, Iterating objects, Converting data.
    20. Applying CSS styles: Inilne, Embedded and External Styles, Classes.
    21. Bootstrap: Bootstrap Overview, Features, Using bootstrap, Grid, Navigation, Layout.
    22. AngularJS: Routing, ngRoute, $routeProvider, Controller & Template.

    Software Testing

    Basic Concepts Testing Techniques :
    1. Structural versus functional technique cate
    2. verfication versus validation
    3. Static versus Dynamic Testing
    4. Specfic Testing Techniques
    Test Administration:
    1. Test Planning
    2. Customization of the test process
    3. Budgeting
    4. schedule
    create test plan
    1. Prerequisities to test planning
    2. understand the characteristics of the software being developed
    3. Bulid the test
    4. write the test plan
    Test cases:
    • Test case design
    • Building test cases
    • Test data mining
    • TestExecution
    • Reporting
    • Defectmanagement
    • Test coverage- traceability matrix
    • Test Metrics-Guidelines and usage
    Test Reporing:
    • Guidelines for writing test reports
    Managing change
    1. Software configuration Management
    2. Change Management
    3. RISKS-Risk Analysis and management
    4. User Acceptance testing-

    ORACLE 11G

    • Introduction to Oracle Database.
    • Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
    • Learn to Restrict and Sort Data
    • Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
    • Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
    • Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions
    • Display Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
    • Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries
    • The SET Operators.
    • Data Manipulation Statements
    • Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
    • Other Schema Objects
    • Introduction to Oracle Database.
    • Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
    • Learn to Restrict and Sort Data
    • Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
    • Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
    • Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions
    • Display Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
    • Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries
    • The SET Operators.
    • Data Manipulation Statements
    • Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
    • Other Schema Objects
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